What We Do

Estimating & Planning and Scheduling Your Repairs

We give you the accurate professional information you need.

• Detailed estimates, scope of works and detailed performance targets.
• Negotiations with all parties as required.
• Latest Auto quote software specifically for our industry with highly skilled/trained staff.
• Status reporting to maintain efficiencies to achieve cost effectiveness.
• Strong focus on minimizing 'down-time' with realistic turn around times.
• Optional 'ON TIME OR IT'S ON US' guarantee.
• Daily workshop meetings receiving progress, checking quality, parts status and schedules.
• Weekly production management meetings.

24/7 ACCIDENT SUPPORT Call 1800 999 111

Recovery - Vehicle & Load Salvage.

Parins offers a comprehensive recovery service in coordinating heavy duty tow operations to ensure quick removal and recovery of vehicles and their loads. We have an excellent established network with independant salvage businesses and our dealings are based on integrity, impartiality and are always accountable.

Unibody & Trailers

We Build it Back.

Josam chassis straightening Plasma cutters Experienced operators, body builders and boilermaker welders Extensive range of fabrication, welding and body building equipment Fully equipped workshop area dedicated to our trailer division.

Parts Purchase & Expediting & Works Mechanical Department

We Provide the Spare Parts, We Install them, And do the Technical Work

• Daily parts status reports & reporting to works management.
• Industry specific Auto quote software program recording, verifying and costing all items.
• Group 'buying power' and extensive experience base in locating, sourcing and expediting parts to minimize down time.
• Expansive workshop with high tech facilities achieving efficiencies, safety and accuracy.
• Overhead cranes and open pit inspections.
• Environmentally friendly waste storage/removal for fuel storage.
• Compliance with legislation covering Occupational Health and Safety and related regulations.

Panel & Fiberglass

With Quality

Parins offer speciality panel beating, moulding and form work including Fiberglass moulding and one-off applications.
Our specialized equipment enables quality re-building of cabs, we have the jigs, equipment and tradesmen to do it.
Parins liaises with manufacturers to ensure that all specifications and warranties are maintained.


New Again

• 30 meter 'down draft' gas fired booths.
• PPG paint color mixing/matching.
• Fleetpool - 5 year warranty.
• Fleet specifications through PPG.

Quality Control

Key Performance Indicator: Ensure quality and attention to finishing detail receive the highest priority during all re-assembly and detailing.

Our quality is maintained by:
• Use of highly skilled/experienced trades persons.
• Liaison with manufacturers to ensure that all specifications and warranties are maintained.
• Preparation of predetermined quality control lists against which the finished vehicles are inspected.
• Close inspection by Works Management during final pre-delivery inspection.
• Active participation in evaluation & review process against agreed quality performance schedules.
• Extensive points check list to all major repairs.
• Final testing under road conditions using test trailer under load conditions.

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